Into the Bonnie Blue- Twelve O'Clock High

One of the best movies about World War Two, Twelve O'Clock High (1047) starring Gregory Peck and Dean Jagger
can be watched in its entirety on YouTube.
At the 1:01:02 mark, B-17 Bomber pilot Birdwell, exhausted after completing a series of highly dangerous practice
runs in formation flying over the English countryside, has a few choice Southern words about General Savage.

That's Birdwell on the right.

" 'Close it up, close it up, closer! Shove that there wingtip right in his lap...'Sweet Savannah! That wing tip o' Baxter's has been tickling me right in the ribs for three days now, man, I'm gettin' mighty tired of it!"

"That's tellin' em Birdy!"

"Yeah an' another thing I noticed... for folks that talks a lot about other people's ability as a pilot that there General seems mighty willing not to do any of it hizself. 
Hmmmph! Looks like we just got ourselves a talkin' General!"

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