The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band (1969)

A Little Gift from the University of Virginia

The Virginia Sil'hooettes and the Virginia Gentlemen perform a mash-up of "Winter Song" and "White Winter Hymnal."
Recorded and mixed by James Gammon.

Tennessee- Oh God for one more breath

The blog Letters Of Note, has an item featuring this heartbreaking note written by Tennessee coal miner, Jacob Vowell to his wife, Sarah. Mr. Vowell was one of 216 men who perished in the Fraterville Coal Mine Disaster.

From the blog:
On the morning of May 19th, 1902, a huge explosion ripped through Fraterville Coal Mine in Tennessee, its devastating power instantly killing most of the 216 miners who were below ground. For the 26 who survived the initial blast, a side passage of the mine proved to be a safe haven, but not for long—when rescuers eventually reached them, all had suffocated. Found next to a number of the those 26 bodies were letters to loved ones, one of which can be seen below.


Ellen, darling, goodbye for us both. Elbert said the Lord has saved him. We are all praying for air to support us, but it is getting so bad without any air.

Ellen I want you to live right and come to heaven. Raise the children the best you can. Oh how I wish to be with you, goodbye. Bury me and Elbert in the same grave by little Eddie. Godbye Ellen, goodbye Lily, goodbye Jemmie, goodbye Horace. We are together. Is 25 minutes after two. There is a few of us alive yet.

Jake and Elbert

Oh God for one more breath. Ellen remember me as long as you live Goodbye darling.


Virginia: The Rotunda Fire

The Rotunda Fire, University of Virginia, 1895.

▶ Great Southerners- the Best- I say - the Best of Foghorn Leghorn

3:34  THIS is BOY?

SMOKE, SMOKE, SMOKE (That Cigarette) ~ Phil Harris & his Orchestra 1947

A real toe-tapper featuring The Sportsman (cough) from the incomparable Phil Harris, Indiana born and Nashville raised. Phil was best known as the Southern hipster musical director for The Jack Benny Program. "Hiya, Jackson!" and later as a favorite voice in a number of Disney's animated films, notably "Baloo" in The Jungle Book.

Smoke Smoke Smoke (Merle Travis, Kentucky)

Now I'm a feller with a heart of gold
And the ways of a gentleman I've been told
The kind of guy that wouldn't even harm a flea
But if me and a certain character met
The guy that invented the cigarette
I'd murder that son-of-a-gun in the first degree

It ain't cuz I don't smoke myself
And I don't reckon that it'll harm your health
Smoked all my life and I ain't dead yet

But nicotine slaves are all the same
At a pettin' party or a poker game
Everything gotta stop while they have a cigarette

Smoke, smoke, smoke that cigarette
Puff, puff, puff and if you smoke yourself to death
Tell St. Peter at the Golden Gate
That you hate to make him wait
But you just gotta have another cigarette